Book a Virtual Party

Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion during lockdown, while social distancing measures are in place?

Due to current restrictions in the UK, no group gatherings are permitted, no music is allowed to be played in restaurants / bars which may cause people to speak louder than normal & all wedding receptions & parties are cancelled.

I would now like to offer the service of Virtual Parties, until things get ‘back to normal’.

What is a Virtual Party?

2 Virtual ‘Zoom’ rooms are set up, The Lounge & Dancefloor. These allow your guests to go backwards and forwards between the main room where I will be DJing & a quieter room where your guests can chat without music.

Your invited guests will receive a link with buttons to both rooms, any uninvited guest will not be able to access without the unique link.

The virtual party will last either 1 or 2 hours, depending on your choice.

Can me & my guests place requests?

Yes, it will be treated like how I host any real-life party, a chatroom will be open in the Dancefloor room and I will also be hanging around in The Lounge too.

We will talk before your party on the types of music which you would prefer, you will also get access to my online playlist builder, which you can share with your guests.


For guests to attend your virtual party and get the best experience, they will need to access Zoom ideally on a Laptop / PC / Tablet. It also works on Mobile Phones via the Zoom App.

Guests do not need a webcam & microphone to attend. However, this is highly recommended in order for them to interact with other guests.

To find out more, or to book your Virtual Party, click here to contact me.