Dan's Blog

Do you have professional lighting?

All of the equipment I use is of a professional grade and maintained on a regular basis. My lighting system can be scaled from a few basic lighting effects, to a complete set up giving your function a real club vibe. All of my lighting connects to software in which I can control every aspect […]

Do you cover more than one event per day?

Usually no, unless it is an exceptional case such as needing a small PA for speeches which I can hire out. I never pass any of my bookings onto other DJs. When you book with me, it will be me that turns up on the night.

You don’t show any prices. How much do you charge?

The reason prices are not shown is mainly because each function is priced differently. Pricing is based on the length of your function, the date (sometimes), and where your function is being held (travel costs) & the amount of equipment I will need. My prices are extremely reasonable and competitive for the area. View my […]

Can I provide you with a playlist?

Yes, however it’s best to keep this to around 15 – 20 songs max. Limiting what music can be played on the night may not be a good idea, after all you’re hiring me to do that for you. I generally judge the music by what gets your guests dancing on the night. You can […]

How do I book you for my function?

To book me for your function you can fill out the booking form here or call / text 07495182510. You will generally receive a reply within a few hours letting you know if I’m available. You’ll also get an exact quote.