7 Important Things to Think about When Booking a Mobile DJ

I have put together below 7 important points to consider when booking a Mobile DJ for your Wedding or function.


This is probably the most important point to think about when booking a Mobile DJ. You may have spent lots of time researching several Mobile DJ’s in the area, which one has the best looking equipment, best reviews and sounds fantastic. But, you haven’t checked their availability. Most Mobile DJ’s get booked up quickly, with dates booked in for around 12 months in advance. Make sure you try to contact the DJ around 6 months before your date to book your date with them, however there are occasions where DJs have last minute cancellations or are available last minute.


Reviews are probably the main driving force behind a Mobile DJ’s business. They are powered by previous customers who will give an honest opinion of the service they have received. If you see a lot of 5 star reviews and happy customers then chances are they are reputable and worth considering.


The equipment which your DJ uses will give a big indication of how professional they are. Scour through any photos or videos they have posted on their website or social media to get an idea of what to expect. Things to look out for are;

Cabling; expect to see some cabling, especially if the DJ is using a lot of equipment, but check to see if they have made every effort to ensure it is all tidy, e.g no hanging cables, cables pulled tight, or running across the floor causing trip hazards. Your DJ should want their set up to look as slick as possible.

Lighting; Does your DJ have professional standard lighting? Do they use DMX to control their lights (A computer / controller which gives the DJ full control over all aspects of their lighting) this can dramatically improve the atmosphere, with the lighting changing to suit the mood of the room, rather than having random strobe lights going off during your first dance for example.

DJ Booth; Your DJ should have their own DJ Booth, they certainly shouldn’t arrive and expect to use a table from the venue. They should also have some kind of facade covering the booth, hiding unsightly wires and things you don’t particularly want your guests to see.

Smoke Machines/Haze Machines; These are fantastic for creating an atmosphere, lighting also looks much better. However, you may want to check with your venue to see if they allow the use of them. Most venue’s don’t, as they have sensitive smoke detectors, but may allow for low lying mist during your first dance etc..


Have you contacted your DJ? How were they to speak to? Chances are your DJ will be very friendly and will accommodate your requests, however if you are having to wait long times (more than 2 days) for a reply to a query, this may be a bad sign. They could either genuinely be unable to respond to you, they could be too busy (taken on too much work), or have simply forgotten. Good communication is essential, your DJ should make sure you are looked after and kept in the loop at all stages leading up to your function.


Does your DJ provide you with a booking form, in which you get confirmation of your booking? This is important for you, if not only just for piece of mind. Also, ask if your DJ takes a deposit, this can be a set amount or a percentage of the booking fee. If they don’t, be wary! Think about it, the DJ has not taken any down payment and could easily take another booking on the same day if they were offered more money. Always pay a deposit and get confirmation in writing!


There are 2 main requirements your DJ should have, these are PLI (Public Liability Insurance) – should any accidents happen involving the Disco & PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) – to ensure all equipment they are using is safe. You may find that your venue may ask you for copies of these.

Do they have a backup? Say something goes wrong and a piece of their equipment fails, ask if they have backup equipment, just incase.


As with anything in general, you tend to pay for what you get. Mobile DJ’s usually are available at various prices so it’s best to contact a few to get an idea of the standard rate. Once you have a few quotes you can then make a better informed decision based on the points above. Expect to pay anything between £200 – £450 for a mobile DJ who runs the business alongside a full time job for example, or between £450 – £1200 for a DJ who does this full time and may also run a larger events company.

Your wedding evening reception is one of the most important nights of your life, you want it to go well. Ask all the questions you need before booking, your DJ shouldn’t mind at all.