Sound Limiter

Sound Limiters: All of the information you need

Your wedding day is about celebrating with family and friends, and music sets the tone for the entire celebration. But when it comes to venue choices, we need to consider one potential hurdle: sound limiters. Let’s break down what they are, how they work, and how I can work with you to ensure your wedding party is a hit, despite these constraints.

What are sound limiters?

Sound limiters are little boxes installed in venues to keep noise levels below a set level. They monitor the volume of amplified music, and if it goes above a certain level, they can either reduce the power to the sound system or give us a warning to turn it down.


Challenges I Face

As a wedding DJ, I’ve dealt with my fair share of sound limiters. They can be a buzzkill, limiting the volume and causing abrupt breaks in the music flow, which nobody wants on their big day.

Why would my venue have a sound limiter?

Certain venues are legally obligated to install sound limiters, often due to their proximity to other public spaces and buildings. In some cases, this requirement stems from repeated complaints by neighbours concerning excessive noise levels late into the night. Additionally, older venues may have sound limiters in place to mitigate potential structural issues caused by the rumbling of bass. Smaller venues may need to install sound limiters to prioritize the hearing safety of their guests.

How I deal with sound limiters

Venue Chat

I'm aware of most of the venues in the area which do have a sound limiter fitted. 90% of them are completely workable & are set at a reasonable level for it to not impact your evening. However, occasionally I come across a new venue, in this case I will talk directly and find out what the sound level limit is.

Sound Check

Before you and your guests enter the room, I will perform a sound check to find the best level to set the music at. This will give me a good idea of how loud I can go, without triggering the alarm.

High Quality Equipment

I use a high quality sound system, which sounds crisp even at lower volumes, ensuring your music sounds great - even if a sound limiter is present.

It's not a deal breaker

Like I say, most venues with sound limiters are set at a reasonable limit, which shouldn't affect the flow of your party.

Make sure you're aware

On the day of visiting & booking your venue, you will get hit with so much information, naturally some of this will not sink in. If I'm aware of a sound limiter at your venue, I will let you know on our first contact.