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Wedding DJ of the Year!

Well, the last blog post I did was in 2019. A lot has changed in 5 years, I’d say it’s probably about time I did a little update.

Back in October 2023 I received an email from The 6th Welsh Wedding Awards, informing me that I had been nominated as a finalist for the category ‘Wedding DJ of the Year’ by my couples.

I mean, not only did you book and trust me to DJ the biggest day of your life, but you also went to the effort of nominating me for an award! This blew my tiny mind…

Cue the roadtrip to Cardiff...

So skip forward 4 months, it’s awards night!

Me and my Wife trundled down to Cardiff for the awards ceremony, held at the prestigious Hilton Hotel. It was black-tie, so of course we took advantage. Black Dresses & Tuxedo’s ahoy!

There were well over 100 attendees, from all over Wales in various different award categories.

The evening was split into 3 segments, we had the first round of awards, followed by some incredible food, then it was time for the round of awards I was waiting for, the ‘Wedding DJ of the Year’.

The category had a strong 10 nominees, so I wasn’t really expecting to win. It was nice to get away for the night! However as the winner was announced, all I heard was “And the winner of the Wedding DJ of the Year is… DJP” – and then I completely zoned out.

What the hell just happened…

In almost a state of trance, I danced my way up to the stage (videos are available of this) & collected my award, followed by a very on the spot short speech.

I cannot thank everyone who voted enough. I put absolutely everything into every wedding & event I do and to receive this award completely blew me away.